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Wireless Video Monitoring

  • Author:Pakite
  • Release on :2016-08-03
Wireless Video Monitoring

Wireless Video Monitoring


Wireless video monitoring concept is not wiring (cable) uses radio waves to transmit video, voice and data signals of monitoring and control system. Wireless video monitoring is divided into: analog microwave transmission and digital microwave transmission. In wireless video monitoring system, the camera is the most front end, the most basic, investment the largest number of a product, which is the most key equipment, it is responsible for video surveillance area is converted into electrical signals, then further for transmission, video monitoring system of its quality directly affects the overall application, but also related to the project cost.



1, Low comprehensive cost, more stable performance. Using wireless monitoring can get rid of the shackles of cable, short installation period, easy maintenance, expansion ability, quick cost advantages.

2, Flexible networking, good scalability, plug and play. Managers can quickly will the new wireless monitoring points added to the existing network, no need for the new transport network, increase equipment, easy to realize remote wireless monitoring.

3, Low maintenance cost. Wireless monitoring maintenance by the network provider of maintenance, the front-end equipment is plug and play, maintenance free system.

4, Wireless monitoring system is the combination of monitoring and wireless transmission technology, it can be different locations of the site information real-time transmission to the wireless monitoring center by wireless communication means, and automatically formed video database facilitate retrieval in the future.

5, In the wireless monitoring system, wireless monitoring center in real time by video information point to point, and the video information is continuous and clear. In the wireless monitoring points, usually use the camera to site condition for real-time acquisition, camera through wireless video transmission equipment, and through the radio waves to send data signals to the monitoring center.